In the year 2004 we were exposed to the differentneeds of the poor and needy in the villages around the Sangita home. After much research we decided to support widowswho are helpless and seemed to be aburden to their families since they are advanced in age and unable to support their homes anymore. Moreover widowhood is not a very pleasant experience with a Taboo still around widowhood in the villages.

Therefore a program for the widows was started on amonthly basis where we provide 3 kilograms of rice and a kilogram of sugar . This helps them to bring in something into their homes giving themdignity in living. We started providing for 150 widows and now we have 300 widows in our progragramme. They come to our premises every month to receive the food supplies.

In 2004 when we started the program most of the widows were seen chewing tobacco all through the day. We found out the reasontobacco suppresseshunger. We have been teaching them the ill effects of chewing tobacco and many other values for life . Most of them are free from this habit and have found a life worth living.

It has been a joy and great satisfaction to serve the widows every month for the past 12 years.