Sangita Charitable Trust is a Christain Children's Home which cares for any child who needs home, food and love ,education... irrespective of caste, religion and denominations,started in 1997 in memory of our daughter Sangita who passed away in 1991. The children are from various difficult backgrounds...from leprosy colonies, beggars children, children of abandoned parent, children who do not have a home or a meal, and many more of the victims of the prevailing social evils.

This organization at present has 91 children who are residents at the home. The children are from the ages 2 to 18 both boys and girls.

Since its inception, the trust has been trying its best to help the hundreds of children in and around Chennai city. Orphans left to fend for themselves on the streets and exposed to various forms of suffering and abuse. For days together, these children go without food or shelter having to brave the elements and the dangers of life in the shadows.

The future holds only two possibilities for such children. For many of them, a premature death due to abuse, disease and accidents awaits. For the ones who survive long enough to reach their teens, a life of crime. Our desire is to relieve their misery and move them into an environment of love and belonging. Over the past 19 years, the Sangita Charitable Trust has been striving to provide:
  • A home for the homeless
  • Food for the hungry
  • Clothes for the needy
  • Love for the abandoned
  • Quality Education
The children live in a beautiful 10000 sq.ft home in a peaceful , safe and secure environment.



  • Educate them till they can
  • Find Jobs
  • Get them Married
  • See them settled in life useful to the society


We have a dedicated team of staff . All our staff have come in to serve the children because of their heart to serve the underprivileged. We have on our team qualified social workers who stay with the children 24 hours . We are so grateful for this team of dedicated staff


The children go through routine medicals every year . We are privileged to have a very efficient Paediatricians provide medical care for the children. We are grateful to God that His healing hand is upon them that we hardly see children very ill in the past 19 years. We also have periodic visits of medical teams visiting us and give their expert opinions.


Children love playing and everyday they find joy in spending time at the playground within our Campus. They have facilities to play and coached in games that they are talented.In our efforts to change the lives of these children, we need your support and patronage. Our dreams and plans are vast, unfortunately, our resources are not. Which is why we are looking for people to participate with us in this project and support us.