We serve in 10 villages among the 14 villages that are around the Sangita facility. These villages are very poor and since most of them are dalits the people are neglected. The widows, differently abled people and the elderly are the worst affected and neglected. A woman when she becomes awidow she is abandned by the family as she is considered as abad omen who will bring bad luck to the family. She is sent out of the house to live and fend for herself . They live in thatched huts built by their children when they become a widow. The roofs that are made out of palm leaves will never be mended or replaced by their children or relatives. Rain or sun they have to manage . Its something that broke our hearts when we came across this situation. Thus we started to help them by building roofs for these widows. The widows and elderly from about 14 villages near our project are being benefitted by this initiative of ours. Most of the elderly and the widows are seen living in small huts where the roofs are damaged and they are unable to find help and assistance to repair or replace the roofs. Its ajoy to see the elderly and lonely express their happiness when they get anew roof