We take immense pleasure in greeting all our readers and well wishers through our website. We trust and hope that your hearts are warmed by our services to the underprivileged people of our society especially the children and the widows whom we work with.


The home houses currently 85 children between the ages of 2 and 8. It gives us great joy to see the children growing up from what they were into responsible kids who will be able to serve the Human.


Its been a great challenge for the past 2 years wherein we took up the responsibility of providing education for the children who are with us. In the past years we were sending the children who complete 5 years of age to other orphanages who would take care of the education. Since the children in many of the homes were not provided education in English we felt the need that these children who are from very difficult background would not be able to compete for higher education and jobs without sufficient knowledge of English. Therefore 40 children for the past 2 years have been attending a private English Medium School near our orphanage. The children have progressed very well and proved to be on par with their mates in school .


Four teachers come in the evenings after school hours and teach the children . This arrangement has helped them alot.


We are proud to say that 15 of our children have excelled in school and topped the academics . They were honoured and given awards during the school annual day


Sangita celebrates its annual day during Christmas holidays along with Christmas celebrations. The children exhibited their talents through dances ,recitations and skits. Its been amazing to see the improvement in each child year after year.


The chidren are encouraged to meet with their extended family once in 3 months on a visitors day. The relatives of the children or a single parent or sometimes both parents come to visit the children. Its a great time for us to see the joy and appreciation by the parents to see their children /wards accomplish many things that were only thier dreams. The relatives and parents are basically beggars, leprosy patients, abandoned women , sex workers, handicapped people, poor people and many others who are not in a position to provide food and shelter to their children/wards. The relatives are happy and contented as they go back and the children are happy too to return to our home.

Sangita Children Medical Check ups

The children at Sangita go through routine medical checkups every six months and necessary vaccinations whenever needed. On April 3rd 2010 the first medicals for 2010 for the children took place .The medical checkups are a time of mixed emotions for the children. Some enjoy the time ,some are fearful and some are confused. But the doctors do a great job. An well experienced doctor conducted the tests for the children. She was very happy about the children's health and appreciated the well balanced food they are taking and the vitamin supplies . We thank our donors who supply vitamin supplements to our children. Would appreciate more donors coming forward towards this .


The new orphanage building will be ready for the children to occupy in the month of April 2010. The long awaited dreams of the children/staff and us will become a reality soon.


Our concentration in the coming years starting June 2010 will be in the neighbouring poor villages. We are heavily burdened to be of help to the poor and needy in the villages. We have many plans that need to be fulfilled in the days to come. Our present work among the poor widows is doing great.


There are about 300 widows at present in our program. Every month for the past 5 years we have been supplying them with food provisions and vitamins. The number of widows from 150 have increased gradually to 300. There are many more widows who need our help. The widows gather at our premises beginning of each month and we distribute food provisions to them and teach them many good values . This program has brought hope to many widows who are at the very end of their lives.

The journey has been hard so far ...but very fulfilling to see lives transform. We thank all of you who have read this news letter patiently. We extend you the privilege to be part of this program by your financial help. You can use any of the below facilities to donate towards this project.

Immediate Future Programs

  1. Micro loans for 25 poor ,young widows @ U$ 50 per widow
  2. Daily Lunch and Snack for 50 poor starving widow @ US $ 2 per day